This is the Future

For those who are not familiar with the name TNTCO, they are a local Streetwear Apparel company founded in year 2013. TNTCO marks 5 years Anniversary since the start of their operations in 2013. They have not only been emphasizing on the design and quality of their apparels, but also a Story to each of their collection.

This time around, TNTCO wanted to take things to another level and engaged with us to come out with a concept to bring out the message that they always wanted to share with their audiences. They also mentioned that they wanted to experiment the possibilities to create 3D visuals for their Apparel designs as they have not done it before in the past 5 years.

We took the challenge! We went for a Sci-Fi direction that reflects the phenomenon of the fashion industry, where TNTCO hopes to give a lift in the people’s confidence by supplying good quality Apparels. Our direction ANA:LOGUE uses Prosthetics as the metaphor to fix what is missing in the futurustic Sci-Fi society, which reflects to “Confidence” in our current timeline.


Look Book





  • Concept & Strategy
  • Directing & Producing
  • Project Management
  • Motion Design
  • Post – Production