Evolve and Journey Beyond

A look into every inventor’s dream. Here’s Taylor’s Future Movement, a promotional video for Taylor’s Education Group. Graph Studio’s Director Derrik Yaw approached us with this exciting brief for Taylor’s.

We had 2 weeks to work out on a VR helmet design, and also 4 set of loop-able Animations to be used for this promotional film. We wanted to go for a more realistic look and feel, but in order to better fit the youths and the Client’s brand, we worked on a more vibrant neon-ish and graphical look, making it visually friendlier, instead of the cool treatment.

VR Helmet Design : First Draft

VR Helmet Design : Second Draft


VR Helmet Design : Detailed Sketch

VR Helmet Design : Final Clean-Up


Animation Styleframes : First Attempt

Animation Styleframes : Confirmed Look & Feel


Final Video


  • Taylor’s University
  • Fishermen Integrated
  • Graph Studio


  • Pre-Production
  • Concept Design
  • Art Direction
  • Motion Design