"Race Your Own League"

Teaming up with Hogarth WW and Ogilvy SG, they wanted us to help create a commercial for the GR86 to enter the SEA market. Using existing footage from the official TVCs from the US and Europe, we re-edited a sequence and use bold graphics to further give an aggressive tone to the car. The story flow that we went for was a simple one where we see a silhouette man walking towards his beautiful machine. He starts it up and begin his travel journey with a nice shot of the vehicle coming down the ramp, almost feels like when you drive out of your condo/apartment, but with a taste of power. We wanted the audience to feel that this is not a race car nor your normal car, it is both.  

The challenge for creating this film is that we are only have limited footage to work with, and to make it worst, it does not come with any handles as there are some licensing involved for using materials across different regions. So we have to select our shots carefully, and also to work on a lot of masking and cropping to fit our graphics into them. We also had to add on "tinted" films, and to change the car plate into a generic one as the one that came with the footage was obviously from other regions.


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